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About Us

EveryMall is the place to start whenever you go shopping online.

Shopping at the local mall or high street is a pastime that has now all but disappeared.

As the World faces the global pandemic of CORVID-19 and the massive disruption to the economy both locally and nationally we realize that  we must all do our best to stay safe.

To be showcased in the EveryMall you must fit the following criteria:

Your store must be ready to ship from your current shop location any where in the world.
Your store must have an online shopping cart linked to everymallonline.com

Your store (like Amazon or eBay) will have to pay some fees or commissions to the EveryMall or associates for any sales made from your store.
You deal with the customer through EveryMall, you get the shoppers full details and they become a customer of yours and Everymall.