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Floral Pattern Cowhide Mat 11KG Full Leather Mat Air Conditioner Mat Bedroom Decoration Mattress Size Can Be Customized

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Can be customized !!!
Size Details:
King size set include:
1pc Cowhide mat: 180x200cm(70x78 in)
2pcs Pillowcases:    48x74cm (19x29 in)
Leather mat for ventilation - Natural buffalo has thick pores, loose fibers, rough surface and obvious moire and neck wrinkles.It has four functions of ventilation, heat dissipation, sweat absorption and moisture resistance. This is unmatched by other leathers (yellow leather, sheepskin, pigskin, etc.). The human body feels cool and comfortable.
Health care skin care -The natural fiber tissue of buffalo leather does not cause irritation to the skin. It is called natural air conditioner and has certain health care functions for elderly, frail, shoulder and arthritis patients. The temperature of traditional bamboo mats will change greatly with the rise and fall of temperature. Buffalo is a warm product,, and its temperature changes little with changes in external temperature.
Durable - The leather mat avoids the shortcomings of the normal mat, which is hard, rough and suffocating. The mat is flat and not easy to hide. After scientific treatment, it is anti-mold, life-long and free of insects, and its service life can reach 30 years. The longer it is used, the more cool and supple it will be.
Tannic acid - Also known as tannin,It is a kind of polyphenolic compound with complex structure which exists in plants.Tannins bind to proteins to form water-insoluble precipitates.Therefore, it can be used for suede.That is, combined with the protein in the hide,The skin is made dense, flexible, difficult to permeate and not easily spoiled, so it is called tannin.
Product advantages-The first layer of buffalo skin is used as raw material, which relies on its natural pore to achieve the effects of air permeability, sweat absorption, heat dissipation and moisture-proof.Adhering to the Millennium handicraft, noble and elegant, comfortable and breathable, the best companion for summer vacation and rest.
6 Advantages, for your sleep checks
1.Natural buffalo hide
   Rigorous selection material
Material selection of adult buffalo in the Yangtze River Basin, excellent natural conditions to make Buffalo grow up with little scratches and resilience, after nearly a hundred workers Processed cattle hide with natural texture,breathable, smooth and smooth Beautiful, full and delicate grain, no fading, flexible and so on.
2.Advanced tanning process
    Air permeable mat pattern naturally eliminates "painting process"
Tanning technology refers to the use of non-toxic tannin raw materials, not harmful to the human body.It will block the cowhide mat to achieve ventilation, sweat absorption, heat dissipation and moisture-proof.It also keeps the surface beautiful and flexible. Use tanner.The grain on the leather surface of the mat made by art is clearly visible, and the cattle The natural disability of the skin itself remains the same.
3.No injury, It's not real leather
    Only with scars can we prove that we are real natural buffalo hides
Natural flaws are moderate. Made of superior scalp leather, soft.Cool, buffalo skin as natural leather, natural disability (whip)Scars caused by smoking and mosquito bites are unavoidable.
4.Health and environmental
   Natural leather fragrance,environmental protection and no stimulation
Natural head buffalo skin is carefully processed and not added in the production process.Any chemicals harmful to human body, natural environmental protection, health, may Use at ease. Selection of superior tanning agent and dyestuff for high quality buffalo leather mat It contains no harmful chemical constituents and has a natural leather fragrance.Vivid and natural colour, no use of any polishing agent and polyester paint, not easy to fade Colour, does not irritate the skin
5.Pure manual stitching
    Use of good products for more than 30 years
Appearance stitching employs experienced veterans, pure manual stitching and Edge-wrapping treatment, uniform alignment, minimal splicing, smooth seam Uniform, delicate and elastic handle, firm bonding, can use 30 Over the years, the best products passed down from generation to generation.
6.The cortex is exquisite and generous
   Soft texture, soft pressure without creases
Soft texture, light pressure without creases, can withstand repeated rubbing, instant Return the original sample, adopt unique dyeing process, bright and vivid color.Nature does not act, does not fade and fade, full and thick.
Care instructions
*Brine sterilization
During the use of the leather mat, gently wipe the mat surface with a slightly damp towel according to a certain time rule, remove the sweat stains, and then repeatedly wipe the front and back sides of the mat with 3%-5% concentration of light salt water, so as to kill the pores. Some bacteria can keep the mat a certain amount of moisture and prevent dry cracking. Remember not to rinse with water or expose to the sun. When choosing a leather mat, whether the pores on the surface of the cowhide are evenly distributed can be used as an optional standard.
Matters needing attention
*Avoid sun exposure, avoid chemicals, avoid sharp hard objects
*The cowhide mat can not be exposed to the sun, nor can it be washed with water.
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